MemGlow™ Fluorogenic Plasma Membrane Probes

Originally developed as the MemBright probes, MemGlowprobes provide high photostability, exhibit excellent fluorescent quantum yields, and some of them are super-resolution compatible. Structurally, MemGlow™ probes are composed of cyanine or BODIPY dyes bearing zwitterionic amphiphilic anchors for enhanced retention in the plasma membrane. The fluorogenic nature of MemGlow™ probes translates to minimal fluorescent emission until their contact with the plasma membrane elicits integration into the lipid bilayer. This characteristic creates minimal background, bright plasma membrane localization, and a no-wash-required application. MemGlow™ probes are highly efficient and allow scientists to visualize cellular nanostructures with nanomolar probe concentrations. For an in-depth look at MemGlow™ probes (part of the MemBright family) view the groundbreaking publication