Signal-Seeker™: Simple Toolkits to Investigate Post- translational Modifications of Target Proteins


- Identification of endogenous Ub, SUMO 2/3, pY and Ac PTMs from 3 distinct proteins 
- Novel identification of acetylated c-Fos
- Investigated proteins from the membrane, cytoplasm, and nucleus 
- Targeted high, medium, and low abundance proteins 


    Products used:

    Signal-Seeker™ Phosphotyrosine Enrichment Kit (Cat. # BK160 or BK160-S)

    Signal-Seeker™ Ubiquitination Enrichment Kit (Cat. # BK161 or BK161-S)

    Signal-Seeker™ SUMOylation 2/3 Enrichment Kit (Cat. # BK162 or BK162-S)

    Signal-Seeker™ Acetyl-Lysine Enrichment Kit (Cat. # BK163 or BK163-S)

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