Anti-Phosphotyrosine Clone 27B10.4. Why Switch?


Compared to old clone 4G10, new clone 27B10.4 offers a highly specific antibody
  that has been demonstrated to provide better results for a fraction of the price.

Why Switch?

      Highly Specific:  Recongnize p-Tyr but not p-Ser or p-Thr

      Cost Effective: Perform more experiments for less than 4G10

      Samples:  Low cost sample sizes with free shipping

      Validated Applications: WB, IF, IP, ELISA  

      Reliability: Lot specific COAs online for download.

      Reactivity: Reacts in all species. 

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Comparison of Leading Phosphotyrosine Antibodies

The results of a comparison between a newly developed phosphotyrosine antibody, clone 27B10.4 (Catalog # APY03) with the popular phosphotyrosine antibody clone 4G10 are described in this white paper.  Antibody performance was compared in immunoprecipitation, immunofluorescence, and western blot applications. In all cases the data shown are representative of at least 4 separate experiments.  We report that 27B10.4 and 4G10 have a broad similarity in phosphotyrosine-protein recognition, with both antibodies showing some sequence context differences. Clone 27B10.4 was shown to immunoprecipitate a wider diversity of phosphotyrosine-proteins than 4G10 and to detect stronger signals in low molecular weight proteins in western blot applications.  This, together with a superior performance in immunofluorescence applications, makes clone 27B10.4 an exciting new reagent for the study of phosphotyrosine regulation in health and disease.  (Read more here)

 ApplicationClone 27B10.4Clone 4G10



Clone 27B10.4 enriches a more diverse set of phosphotyrosine-proteins.


Clone 27B10.4 produces a stronger  phosphotyrosine-specific signal in orthovanadate treated NIH3T3 cells.


Both antibodies provide strong western blot signals that are specific for phosphotyrosine-proteins.  The western blot patterns vary somewhat between the two antibodies.

++++ excellent, +++ very good, ++ good, + poor

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