New 2017 Cytoskeleton Minicatalog

New Products, New Discoveries!

Signal Seeker Kits

New SUMO Kits and More!

GOBlot™ Western Blot Processor

New Colors Available!

Spirochrome Live Cell Reagents

New Far-Red Probes!

New SUMO Signal Seeker™ Kit and More!

The functional component of the SUMO 2/3 Enrichment Kit is an anti-SUMO-2/3 antibody (clone: 11G2) which is provided as a chemically crosslinked Protein G bead conjugate. The affinity bead reagent was optimized to give no detectable leaching of either heavy or light chains in an IP assay, making the resulting data extremely specific, sensitive and clean. The affinity beads immunoprecipitate a wide range of SUMO-2/3 targeted proteins in cell extracts). Both endogenous mono- and poly- SUMOylated proteins are easily detected with characteristic multiple bands in the Western Blot detection method.

NEW Signal Seeker™ SUMO Enrichment Kit, Cat. # BK162

Signal Seeker™ Phosphotyrosine Enrichment Kit, Cat. # BK160

Signal Seeker™ Ubiquitination Enrichment Kit, Cat. # BK161

GOBlot™ Western Blot Processor: More New Colors!

The GOBlot™ Western Blot Processor (patents pending) was developed to be an affordable and helpful device for all scientists. With input from over 300 research scientists, the flexible routines and capabilities of the processor were defined. Western blot automation with the GOBlot saves the average researcher 3 hours a day while improving the reproduciblity of results. For more information click here.

GOBlot™ Western Blot Processor, Cat. # WBM01


New Far-Red and Lysosome Spirochrome Live Cell Probes!

We are excited to introduce Spirochrome's latest offering for live cell studies of the endosomal pathway. The new SiR-Lysosome and SiR700-Lysosome products can simply be added to tissue culture media or injected into tissue and the endosomes and lysosomes will be rapidly labeled with red or far-red fluorescence respectively. As for other Spirochrome probes, the new probes are compatible with dual fluorescence microscopy, cell-permeable, fluorogenic, non-cytotoxic, and compatible with super-resolution microscopy. Read more about their research applications and citations below.

NEW SiR700-Actin Kit, Cat. # CY-SC013

NEW SiR700-Tubulin Kit, Cat. # CY-SC014

NEW SiR700-DNA Kit, Cat. # CY-SC015

NEW SiR700-Lysosome Kit, Cat. # CY-SC016

NEW SiR-Lysosome Kit, Cat. # CY-SC012