Repurposing Colchicine To Treat Covid-19

SARS-Cov2 is a virus which evolved in 2019 and spread rapidly through the world using inter-personal viroid containing aerosols as a vector. The disease, Covid-19, causes traumatic respiratory problems in patients, and has devastated old, diabetic and immune-compromised people with 5-50% death rates. Recent variants are less severe but spread rapidly all the same. Epidemiologists predict that new variants will continue to move through the world population for many years1. Vaccinations have been and will continue to be the major line of defense against infection and serious illness, however their efficacy depends on which variant is infecting, therefore a new therapeutic paradigm with small molecule inhibitors is emerging as a broad-spectrum approach. This brief review will focus on tubulin and colchicine as one possible target although there are many others2.

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