KIF7 Kinesin Motor Assay

KIF7 is a Kinesin-4 family member that has been shown to play an important role in embryonic development and may play a role in the development of basal cell carcinomas. KIF7 functions in Hedgehog (Hh) signaling through the negative and positive regulation of the GLI family of transcription factors (i.e., GLI1, GLI2, and GLI3)1.  While the mechanism of this regulation is still being elucidated, it appears that in the absence of an Hh ligand, KIF7 negatively regulates GLI transcription factor activity, and in the presence of Hh signaling it positively influences GLI dependent signaling; possibly through KIF7’s Hh-dependent translocation from the base of primary cilia to the tip1.  Mice lacking KIF7 exhibit a ...

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