Oncogenic RAS signaling and Tumor Immune Evasion: Mechanisms and Therapeutic Opportunity

Oncogenic RAS drives cells to the cancerous state through a wide range of mechanisms, including: the establishment of cancer cell plasticity (1), enhancement of cell migration and metastasis (2) and metabolic reprogramming towards anabolic metabolism (3).  This Newsletter focuses on the emerging area of RAS driven oncogenesis via the evasion of host immune attack.

Cancerous cells are visible to the host immune system through chronic stress signals and tumor associated antigen presentation and are therefore susceptible to being cleared from the host via immunogenic mechanisms.  Many RAS driven cancers have a high mutational burden and should be good targets for immune clearance, however, oncogenic RAS has evolved mechanisms to suppress the immune response and promote tumor growth. A brief overview of the major mechanisms is summarized below.

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