eBook: Discovery and Characterization of Post-translational Modifications


Discover the exciting world of Post-Translational Modifications (PTMs).  Learn about their role in biology, disease, and as therapeutic targets.  Discover established and cutting-edge methods and approaches used to investigate PTMs.  See real world examples where these tools were utilized to make ground-breaking PTM discoveries.



Chapter 1: PTMs: Functional Regulators of Disease (Click here)


Chapter 2: Proteoform Discovery and Validation Techniques for the Molecular Biologist (Click here)


Chapter 3: Signal-Seeker PTM Discovery Toolkits: Utilities and Applications (Click here)


Chapter 4: Mass Spectrometry and Post-Translational Modifications (Click here)


Chapter 5: PTM Functional Characterization and Beyond (Click here)


Download the complete eBook (Click here)


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