EasyRad Endpoint Phosphate Assay (BK055)

EasyRad Endpoint Phosphate Assay (BK055)

Important Notice:

This product is no longer available.  Cytoskeleton recommends that you use CytoPhos Endpoint Phosphate Assay (Cat. # BK054) as a replacement.


Product Uses Include

  • To measure low activity ATPases or GTPases.
  • To measure phosphate release from other phosphatase catalyzed reactions.

The EasyRad™ phosphate assay Biochem Kit™ is an extremely quick and economical way to measure nucleoside triphosphate hydrolysis. There is minimal interference from other common ions and reagents used in molecular biology and biochemistry. This kit is designed to guide you through the process of measuring end-point and kinetic assays. There is special consideration for low activity ATPase and GTPase assays which can be performed easily with this kit.

The EasyRad™ phosphate assay is a simple two step assay based on the separation of 32 or 33phosphate from 32 or 33γ-phosphate nucleoside triphosphate (NTP). This is the highest sensitivity phosphate assay available and it is capable of measuring Kcat as low as 0.00001 (NTPs hydrolyzed per molecule per s).  The assay is based on a phosphate pre-loaded activated carbon which differentially binds NTPs rather than phosphate. The unparalleled sensitivity makes this assay a first choice for determining low activity ATPases and GTPases (i.e. Kcat between 0.00001 and 0.05). There are two formats that differ in their quantity of throughput: The bench scale format is for up to 24 reactions, which can be processed using a microfuge for sedimentation separation, and the high throughput version, which requires vacuum filtration for separation.

Kit contents
The kit contains sufficient materials for 1000 assays. The following components are included:

  1. Reaction buffer
  2. Separator solution
  3. ATP stock solution (Cat. # BSA04)
  4. GTP stock solution (Cat. # BST06)
  5. EasyRad™ Phosphate Assay Manual

Equipment needed

  1. Radioactive γ-phosphate nucleotide
  2. Scintillation counter
  3. Microfuge (bench scale format) OR vacuum filtration system (HTS format)

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