Spirochrome: PKmem™ Probes

We are proud to release the new PKmem™ probes for live cell imaging of the plasma membrane, which was developed by the lab of Zhixing Chen from Peking University. The unique feature of PKmem probes is its extremely low phototoxicity, due to the presence of the intramolecular triplet quencher cyclooctatetraene (COT) group. This feature allows for long term live cell imaging of the plasma membrane without damaging the cells. 


  1. Bright, non-phototoxic & non-toxic plasma membrane probe 
  2. Does not require any genetic manipulation, transfection or overexpression of fluorescent proteins.
  3. It can be used for widefield, confocal, or SIM imaging in living cells and tissue

Cytoskeleton, Inc. is the exclusive provider of Spirochrome, Ltd. products in North America.

SIM Imaging of an axon labeled with PKmito and PKmem probes