Spirochrome: SiR Probes

Live-cell imaging probes developed by Spirochrome are cell-permeable compounds which stain microtubules (SiR-Tubulin), F-actin (SiR-Actin), Lysosomes (SiR-Lysosome) and chromosomal DNA (SiR-DNA) in living cells.  These probes were recently introduced in a landmark papers published in Nature Methods and Nature recently featured on the cover of the Journal of Biological Chemistry

Qualities of the probe:

  • Cell Permeable
  • Photostable
  • Very Low Background
  • Superresolution
  • Far-Red Fluorophore
  • Fluorogenic
  • Non-Cytotoxic

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Cytoskeleton, Inc. is the exclusive provider of Spirochrome, Ltd. products in North America.

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