Signal Seeker Kits and Proteins

Investigate new signal transduction events and confirm transfection experiements by detecting modified endogenous proteins.

GOBlot™ Western Blot Processor

An affordable, reliable fluid delivery device for reproducibly probing blots and membranes with primary and secondary antibodies.

Actin Research Tools

Pure and biologically active proteins, actin binding proteins, antibodies, buffers, and research Biochem Kits.

Tubulin and FtsZ Tools

Pure and biologically active proteins, antibodies, FtsZ proteins, pre-formed microtubules, Biochem Kits, and more.

Small GTPase Activation Assays

Measure the GTP-bound form of protein from a cell or tissue extract. Available in pull-down or G-LISA formats.

Live Cell Imaging Reagents

Fluorescent proteins, cell permeable protein activators and inhibitors, and Spirochrome probes for SiR-Actin, SiR-Tubulin, and SiR-DNA.


Antibodies for Actin, Actin Binding Proteins, Motor Proteins, Small G-proteins, Tubulin, and more.

Custom Services

Compound Screening, Protein Purification, Assay Development, Antibody and ELISA Services.

ECM Proteins

Pure and labeled fibronectin and laminin proteins.

Bulk Orders & HTS

Bulk discounts available for drug screening and High Throughput Screens.

Kits & Assays

Signal transduction and cytoskeletal biochemistry kits.

Motor Proteins

Pure and active kinesin and myosin family proteins, Biochem Kits, antibodies, and more.

Protein Assays

Sensitive protein assays for  measuring purified protein and total cell protein.

Small G-proteins

Small G-proteins, Inhibitors, Activators, Antibodies, Activation Assays, Biochem Kits, and more.