GOBlot - The First Affordable Western Blot Processor

GOBlot™ - The First Affordable Western Blot Processor


The GOBlot Western Blot Processor is a reliable fluid delivery device for reproducibly probing blots and membranes with primary and secondary antibodies. It was developed after communication with hundreds of research scientists over the past two years. They required a cost-effective machine that would reproduce the hands-on method using a rocker platform and exchanging buffers manually.


The equipment is composed of valves, pumps, a motorized tilting platform and a control board that coordinates timing with the application of the correct solution to the membrane or blot. It can operate at room temperature or in a cold room*. All commonly used buffers are applicable, e.g. PBST and TBST. The purchase of the machine comes with a full warranty (parts & labor or replacement) for up to one year after the date of purchase.

* - Note cold room operation on order if applicable.

GOBlot™ Advantages

No Expensive Consumables and Recycles Your Primary Antibody

The GOBlot allows the operator to load up of their own membranes, add their blocking solution, primary and secondary antibodies.  Plus, the GOBlot makes it easy to recycle your primary antibody.


Choice of Four Routines

Choose from the four pre-loaded routines (See Manual).  Then press the start button and walk away.  Return after four hours to develop your blot using fluorescence, chemiluminescence or another method of detection. 


Modular and Economical

The machine is designed to be modular and economical so that you utilize multiple machines running at different times with different routines and different antibodies, in other words, it’s very flexible for multiple users. Also being modular means that you can add new units when the budget allows or your project demands it.


For more information on electro-transfer of proteins to membrances click here

The device is used by Cytoskeleton Inc. research and development scientists to characterize and validate the new line of antibodies.

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US patents pending.

Applying liquids to the processor

It is important to pour and pipette accurately into the Wash, Primary and Secondary reservoirs because liquid overflows can result in equipment malfunction. To ensure good technique pour Wash buffer into the middle of the Wash Buffer reservoir, and for the syringe loading technique use a pipettor to pipette into the syringe at a depth that is below the rim.


Blocking solution

The most generally applicable blocking solution is TBST with 5% (w/v) dried milk powder. However other blocking reagents are possible such as 1% BSA or 1% non-specific IgG. TBST is Tris buffered saline with Tween 20 which contains 10 mM Tris-HCl pH 7.0, 150 mM NaCl and 0.05% (v/v) Tween 20.


Primary antibody volume 

The best volume of primary antibody is 10 ml, at this volume all routines run efficiently and will not be subject to the effects of evaporation. If smaller volumes are required it is possible to use down to 5 ml for Routines 1, 2 and 4,  or 7 ml for Routine 3. The effects of too little primary antibody volume are reduced signals and increased background at the distal end of the membrane away from the axis of tilt.

Dilute primary antibody in TBST or if this concentration produces high background then use TBST with 1% milk.


Cold room operation

The GOBlot™ can be operated in a cold room at 4°C, but it is not recommended to move the machine to room temperature in the middle of a routine because if the  power is disconnected the program will need to be re-started from the beginning, hence routines should be run at one temperature.


Secondary antibody solution

The secondary antibody is raised to the primary IgG species and usually is conjugated to horse-radish peroxidase (HRP) or alkaline phosphatase (AP).Dilute secondary antibody 1:20,000 in TBST or if this concentration produces high background then use TBST with 1% milk.


One step incubations

Routine #4 is used to incubate with just one reagent. An example is where the blocking and primary steps have been completed overnight in a cold room and the secondary antibody is left to incubate in the morning at room temperature in the GOBlot™. 


Modifying the standard routines

The standard protocols can only be modified by a trained software engineer. Cytoskeleton provides a fee for service to modify the routines to your requirements, please contact tservice@cytoskeleton.com for a rapid quote.


Repairing the GOBlot

Do not attempt to repair the GOBlot. If needed, the device should be returned to Cytoskeleton Inc. for new parts. If the warranty is still valid then the repairs will be free of charge, otherwise a Purchase Order or credit card is required for the repair and parts fee.