Rho GAP protein (catalytic domain): GST tagged: Homo sapiens recombinant

Rho GAP protein (catalytic domain): GST tagged: Homo sapiens recombinant

Product Uses Include

  • In vitro GAP assays with various Rho proteins
  • Inhibition of Rho proteins in vivo by microinjection

p50RhoGAP (sometimes called Cdc42-GAP or Rho GAP) is a GTPase Activating Protein that catalyzes the hydrolysis of GTP for Rac, Rho, and Cdc42 proteins. It appears to be most active for Cdc42 and least active for Rac.

The catalytic GAP domain of p50RhoGAP has been purified from a bacterial expression system and is supplied as a GST-fusion protein. This protein is 57 kDa in size and is comprised of the 29 kDa catalytic domain of p50RhoGAP and a 28 kDa GST tag. It is supplied as a lyophilized powder. When reconstituted to 1 mg/ml, the protein is in the following buffer: 2 mM Tris pH 7.6, 0.5 mM MgCl2, 0.5% sucrose and 0.1% dextran. Protein concentration is determined by the Precision Red Advanced Protein Assay Reagent cat. # ADV02.

p50RhoGAP is also available as a purified GST-tagged full length version (Cat. # GAP01)

Purity is determined by scanning densitometry of proteins on SDS-PAGE gels. Samples are >90% pure.


Figure 1: GST-p50RhoGAP, catalytic domain protein purity determination. A 10 µg sample of GAS01 was separated by electrophoresis in a 12% SDS-PAGE system. The protein was stained with Coomassie Blue.

Biological Activity
Biological activity of the catalytic domain of p50RhoGAP was verified by the ability of the proteins to enhance GTP hydrolysis for GST-RhoA, GST-Rac1 and GST-Cdc42 proteins (Cat # RHG01RCG01 and CDG01, respectively). At a molar ratio of 1:0.3 (G-protein : catalytic domain of p50RhoGAP) hydrolysis of bound GTP was at least 75% completed after 5 min at room temperature. Hydrolysis of bound GTP in the absence of RhoGAP was 0% (GST-RhoA), 10% (GST-Cdc42) or 45% (GST-Rac1) after 5 min at room temperature. GTPase assays were performed using BK055.

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