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BlastR Filtration System

Rapidly prepare low viscosity tissue culture extracts for SDS-PAGE analysis.

Preparing low viscosity cell extracts with BlastR™ filter technology.

GOBlot Western Blot Processor

See how the GOBlot™ Western Blot Processor can save you time and resources.

G-LISA® Activation Assays

Small GTPase Activation Assays: Choosing Your Format

G-LISA® Protocol - Performing GTPase G-LISA® Activation Assays

Spirochrome Live Cell Imaging Probes

F-Actin Live Cell staining with SiR-Actin in cardiac Myocytes

Mouse Oocyte Stained with SiR-tubulin

HeLa Cells Stained with SiR-Tubulin mitosis SiR-Tubulin

MemGlow™ Fluorogenic Membrane Probes (A Member Of The MEMBRIGHT™ Family)

Cytoskeleton's new MemGlow probes, part of the MemBright family, was used to visualize the plasma membrane of live KB cells with a laser scanning confocal microscope set to 5% laser power (488 nm) for 340 frames with 2 scans per frame and continuous illumination for 15 minutes.