Video: Rapidly prepare low viscosity tissue culture extracts for SDS-PAGE analysis

BlastR™ filters remove viscous genomic DNA from denaturing cell lysis buffer extraction while reducing processing time to less than one minute. The proprietary filtration technology is based on a compressible polyurethane filter with optimal pore size for capturing genomic DNA. The compressible nature of the filter allows for maximal recovery of sample which is usually 90% of the original volume. Two versions are available 1) the filters only (Cat. # BLR02, and 2) filters plus buffers version (Cat. # BLR01, includes; Optimal BlastR Lysis Buffer, PTM inhibitors and 5x SDS-loading buffer). The filter only version allows the operator to use their own buffer such as Ripa, guanidine, urea or SDS-loading solution based extraction buffers which usually produce copious viscosity.


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