Signal-Seeker™: Visual Protocol For Investigating Post- translational Modifications of Target Proteins


--Step-by-step instructions to detect acetylation, ubiquitination, SUMOylation 2/3, and tyrosine phosphorylation in a single lysate. 

--Highlights critical components such as a lysate filter system that effectively removes, rather than shears, contaminating genomic DNA. 

--Developed for use with the Signal-Seeker™ PTM detection kits that are effective tools for examining dynamic and endogenous levels of several different PTMs. 

--As investigators move forward with PTM research and investigate a specific PTM’s physiologic role, it will be paramount to have effective tools and methodology, like those described in this study, to measure endogenous levels of a PTM for a target protein.

Products used:

Signal-Seeker™ Phosphotyrosine Enrichment Kit (Cat. # BK160)

Signal-Seeker™ Ubiquitination Enrichment Kit (Cat. # BK161)

Signal-Seeker™ SUMOylation 2/3 Enrichment Kit (Cat. # BK162)

Signal-Seeker™ Acetyl-Lysine Enrichment Kit (Cat. # BK163)

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