For over 30 years Cytoskeleton has operated on the understanding that our people are our most important asset.

Our people
Focused professionals who thrive on achievement through individual and team efforts.  Our people have a passion for excellence in everything they do, they are the engine that drives the culture and fulfills the mission of Cytoskeleton..

Our culture
At Cytoskeleton Inc. we value innovation, inclusiveness, openness, excellence, and engagement as our guiding principles. Cytoskeleton operates through a clearly defined set of company, departmental and individual goals. Every employee contributes to defining yearly goals which serve as a tool to help us communicate, be pro-active (change happens), learn and succeed. An open door policy, meaningful communication and boundary-less attitudes allow truly productive inter- and intra-departmental efforts to drive success. 

Our Mission
The mission of Cytoskeleton is to help life scientists investigate the biological mechanisms underlying health and disease.  We develop, manufacture and support high quality kits and reagents that are focused on signal transduction and cytoskeletal research. We have a serious commitment to innovation that is reflected in the patented technologies covering many of the products developed at Cytokeleton.  The quality of our products and support is a reflection of the high quality people who are unshakeable in their determination to create the best experience possible for our customers.

Cytoskeleton is located in central Denver (Colorado) with access to major interstates that connect the mountains to Denver and to Denver International Airport (DIA). Denver has a thriving social life with year round entertainment in LoDo (Lower Downtown), which has over 400 restaurants, bars and clubs in one square mile. In addition there is a world class theatre and performing arts complex (8 theatres) and four major sports teams (Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets and Avalanche) to enjoy year round. Outdoor activities like hiking, running, biking and skiing are also very popular. For more information on a particular position, please e-mail a resume, cover letter, expected salary range and indicate which position you are interested in (e-mail: More information about Denver can be obtained from

Currently, there are no additional job opportunities at Cytoskeleton, but if you have a desire to work at the company in the future then please forward your resume and ideal job description to .