Actin Binding Proteins

Cytoskeleton provides a range of antibodies raised to actin binding proteins. For more information on each antibody please click on the Document tab above to see the datasheet. 


In addition, Cytoskeleton has developed a unique line of fluorescent phalloidins with improved brightness and stability compared to other conjugates such as Alexa Fluor and Cy dyes, for more information see the Acti-stain information page.


Question 1:  How do I know whether the cofilin polyclonal antibody is good for Western blotting and IF?

Answer 1: The datasheet (Cat. # ACFL02) and individual product page (ACFL02) descibe the applications for all Cytoskeleton's antibodies. The cofilin antibody (Cat. # ACFL02) was raised against the N-terminal 13-22 amino acids of human cofilin.  This antibody is recommended for the detection of cofilin in human, mouse, rat, and Xenopus samples and has been QC-tested by western blotting and immunocytochemistry.  Please see the Citations tab for references that have used this antibody. 


Question 2:  Can I test a sample of the profilin antibody?

Answer 2:  All of Cytoskeleton’s antibodies are rigorously quality-controlled and tested under the conditions described in the product datasheet.  In the rare event of a problem with an antibody, please contact our technical service group ( for assistance.  Free samples of the profilin antibody (Cat. # APUF01) are not available.  However, please contact Cytoskeleton’s customer service department (303-322-2254 or to check on any special discount offers. 


For more information, click on the Document tab above to see the datasheet.