Spirochrome: SPY™ Probes

In 2015, Cytoskeleton introduced multiple live cell imaging probes from Spirochrome Ltd. These revolutionary probes simplified and streamlined live cell imaging. Cytoskeleton is excited to introduce the next generation of Spirochrome’s live cell imaging probes - the SPY™ probes. SPY™ probes improve upon the SiR and SiR700 live cell imaging probes in the far-red channels while also expanding the fluorophore labeling options for the study of F-actin, microtubules, and DNA in living cells.

Spirochrome’s SPY™ probes Advantages:
• Increased cell membrane permeability
• Verapamil no longer needed for consistent staining
• Improved compatibility across more cell lines
• Less cytotoxic than SiR probes
• Increased spectra range: FITC, TRITC, and Texas Red

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Cytoskeleton, Inc. is the exclusive provider of Spirochrome, Ltd. products in North America.

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