Live Cell Imaging Reagents

Cytoskeleton offers several reagents for live-cell research including fluorescent proteins, cell permeable protein activators and inhibitors, as well as our recent addition of live cell imaging probes. 

Spirochrome Probes For Bioimaging

Live-cell imaging probes developed by Spirochrome are cell-permeable compounds which stain microtubules (SiR-Tubulin), F-actin (SiR-Actin), Lysosomes (SiR-Lysosome) and chromosomal DNA (SiR-DNA) in living cells. 

Cytoskeleton is excited to introduce the next generation of Spirochrome’s live cell imaging probes - the SPY probes. SPY probes improve upon the SiR live cell imaging technology while also expanding the fluorophore labeling options for the study of F-actin, microtubules, and DNA in living cells.

MemGlow™ Probes For Bioimaging: From The MemBright Family Of Probes

Cytoskeleton is proud to announce 3 new bright fluorogenic probes to visualize the cellular plasma membrane.  Originally developed as the MemBright probes,  MemGlow™ probes are highly photostable, fluorogenic, and non-toxic to cells.

MemGlow™ probes are highly efficient and allow scientists to visualize cellular nanostructures with nanomolar probe concentrations.

Browse the options below to learn more about these live cell imaging tools.

  1. Exoenzyme C3 transferase protein: His tagged:Clostridium botulinum recombinant CT03
    Exoenzyme C3 transferase protein: His tagged:Clostridium botulinum recombinant
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  2. Fibronectin (Green fluorescent, HiLyte 488) FNR02
    Fibronectin (Green fluorescent, HiLyte 488)
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  3. Flipper-TR Kit for fluorescence cell membrane microscopy CY-SC020
    Flipper-TR Kit, a probe for measuring plasma-membrane tension.
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