Live Cell Imaging

Fluorescent Actin Proteins

Cytoskeleton Inc. offers several fluorescently-labeled purified actin proteins including the new HiLyte™488 actin and HiLyte™555 actins.  The expanded offering will provide more versatility for researchers while complementing our existing labeled actin tools that are used in an array of applications including labeling F-actin barbed ends with rhodamine actin.   


Spirochrome Probes For Bioimaging

The SiR- , SPY-, and SPY-FastAct Live-cell Actin imaging probes developed by Spirochrome are cell-permeable compounds which label F-actin.  SPY™ probes improve upon the SiR live cell imaging technology while also expanding the fluorophore labeling options for the study of F-actin in living cells.  

F-Actin Barbed End Labeling (Cat # AR05)

Adapted From: Actin at stereocilia tips is regulated by mechanotransduction and ADF/cofilin. 2021. McGrath J. et al. Curr. Bio. 31:1141-1153