Popular Tools from Cytoskeleton

Explore Cytoskeleton Inc's most popular product lines. Read through the brochures to see a snapshot of Cytoskeleton's popular product lines, and click the links below to see all available products for a specific research area. If you have any questions about a particular product or toolkit please send an email to cserve@cytoskeleton.com, or contact your local distributor.

Actin Tools Brochure

Cytoskeleton, Inc. offers a large selection of highly pure and biologically active actin proteins, actin binding proteins, antibodies, buffers and research Biochem Kits™.   Our Actin Biochem Kits allow researchers easy access to some of the most powerful in vivo and in vitro assays employed in the field.

Activation Assays Brochure

Cytoskeleton's Small G-protein Activation Assays measure the GTP-bound form of the protein from a cell or tissue extract and are the most trusted and cited activation assays available.  Activation assays are available in two formats: the traditional pull-down bead format and our advanced ELISA based G-LISA format.

Live Cell Imaging Brochure

Cytoskeleton offers several reagents for live-cell research including fluorescent proteins, cell permeable protein activators and inhibitors, as well as our recent addition of live cell imaging probes. Cytoskeleton distributes Spirochrome™ and MemGlow™ Probes.

Signal-Seeker Brochure

 Signal-Seeker™ ubiquitination tools have the unqiue ability to capture both mono- and poly-ubiquitination for any target protein. Easily study target protein ubiquitination with our comprehensive Ubiquitination Detection Kit:  Similar toolkits are available for Acetylation, SUMOylation, and Phosphorylation.

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