Ubiquitination Control Beads

Ubiquitination Control Beads (10 assays)

As part of the Signal-Seeker™ product line, ubiquitination control beads (CUB02) have been developed as highly specific negative control beads for Cytoskeleton's ubiquitination affinity bead (UBA01-Beads) products. These control beads are far superior to beads alone, because it has mutated versions of the UBDs covalently attached to the control bead matrix. This control is particularly important for ubiquitin IPs as the unmodified version of target proteins often bind non-specifically to all available ubiquitin enrichment affinity matrices. A comprehensive Signal-Seeker™ Ubiquitin Detection Kit (BK161), which includes ubiquitin control beads (CUB02), is available and is recommended for first time users.

Validation Data: Ubiquitination Control Beads White Paper

Each lot of affinity-bead is quality controlled  to provide high batch to batch consistency, see COA documents.



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Associated Products:

Signal-Seeker™ Ubiquitination Detection Kit (Cat. # BK161)

Signal-Seeker™ Ubiquitin Affinity Beads (Cat.# UBA01-beads)

Signal-Seeker™: BlastR™ Rapid Lysate Prep Kit (Cat. # BLR01)

Signal-Seeker™: PTMtrue™ Ubiquitin Antibody (Cat.# AUB01)


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