BlastR Rapid Filtration Kit

BlastR Rapid Filtration Kit (50 filters)

The BlastR™ filters allows for fast and reliable preparation of genomic DNA (gDNA)-free cell lysate for western blot or immunoprecipitation when used in combination with a denaturing buffer, such as guanidine, urea or high SDS based extraction buffers that usually produce copious viscosity.  gDNA contamination is a significant problem with denaturing buffers that can interfere with downstream applications like immunoprecipitation and migration of proteins in SDS-PAGE. Unlike sonication or insulin needle gDNA shearing methods, the BlastR™ filter effectively removes gDNA contamination while having no effect on the integrity of the proteins in the lysate. 

Product Uses Include

  • Reduce viscosity of samples 
  • Rapid isolation of protein extracts
  • Preparation of extracts from denaturing lysis buffers 

Validation Data: BlastR Rapid Filtration Kit White Paper

       BlastR Filter set 50 units.

      Clarification of gDNA from BlastR™ lysate

      (A) Viscous sample lysate loaded onto BlastR™ Filter.

      (B) Sample passed through Filter system where gDNA is captured.  >90% recovery of protein in cell lysate. 

      Loading the BlastR™ filterCollecting low viscosity extract

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        AuthorTitleJournalYearArticle Link
        Horita, Henrick et al.Utilizing a comprehensive immunoprecipitation enrichment system to identify an endogenous post-translational modification profile for target proteinsJournal of Visualized Experiments2018ISSN 1940-087X

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