Application of MemGlow™ probes to neurobiological studies

(A MemBrightfamily member of probes and dyes)

MemGlow™ probes are excellent dyes for neuronal cell staining due to their efficiency and preferential labeling over glial cells.

Advantages of MemGlow™ for neuronal studies

  • No transfections or transgenic animals required for neuronal labeling
  • Non-toxic probes enable long-term investigations
  • Broad spectral variety ideal for co-labeling studies
  • High-fidelity visualization of neuronal protrusions in live cells with confocal
  • MemGlow™ 590 is compatible with super resolution (STORM) and confocal

Hippocampal astrocytic filopodia are efficiently labeled with MemGlow™ 560.

Figure 1: Hippocampal astrocytic projections are clearly and efficiently labeled

with 20 nM MemGlow™ 560 when visualized with confocal microscopy. Image

adapted from Collot, M. et al. 2019.

High fidelity images of neurons and synapses

Figure 2; Hippocampal neurons are preferentially labeled by MemGlow™ 560 over

neighboring glial cells. Image adapted from Collot, M. et al. 2019.  

MemGlow™ 590 has been validated for use in Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy (STORM). 

Unravel the dendritic spine morphology of neurons with MemGlow™ 590 and gain

insights into minute structural changes elicited by your treatments. 

Hippocampal neurons labeled with MemGlow™ 590 after 9 days in vitro and visualized using STORM

microscopy. Imaging reveals neuronal protrustions at sub-diffraction-limit resolution (A2)

after locating with wide-field (A1).  Image adapted from Collot, M. et al. 2019.   

Hippocampal neurons laying over an astrocytic layer

Live cultured hippocampal neurons laying over an astrocytic layer are brilliantly labeled with 20 nM

MemGlow™ 590 (A) and MemGlow™ 700 (B) and 5 μg/ml Hoechst. Image from

Collot, M. et al. 2019.

General features and advantages of MemGlow™ probes:

  • Bright and fluorogenic
  • Do not alter sample biology
  • Simple staining protocol and low working concentration
  • Compatible with live and fixed cell staining
  • Compatible with ex vivo and fixed tissue staining
  • MemGlow™ 590 is super-resolution compatible
  • Superior to many existing plasma membrane dyes
  • No dye quenching steps required
  • Non-toxic dyes for long-term imaging of live cells
  • Utilize cyanine or BODIPY dyes with zwitterionic membrane anchor groups

Fluorogenic MemGlow™ probes are poised to change neurobiology studies!  

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ProductExcitation/Emission (nm)Filter
MemGlow 488 499/507FITC / GFP
MemGlow 560 555/570CY 3 / TRITC
MemGlow 590595/613CY 3.5 / Texas Red
MemGlow 640 650/673Cy 5
MemGlow 700689/713
Cy 5.5