IgG Control Beads

IgG Control Beads (10 assays)

As part of the Signal-Seeker™ product line, IgG control beads (CIG01) have been developed as highly specific negative control beads for Cytoskeleton's mouse, monoclonal antibody-based affinity bead products. These control beads are far superior to beads alone, because it is a better representative of the actual IP condition. The IgG antibodies are covalently attached to minimize antibody heavy and light chain leaching, which makes interpretation of results easier.  Additionally, these control beads are effective for pre-clearing lysates without risk of contamination with IgG antibody. IgG control beads (CIG01) are included in our comprehensive Signal-Seeker™ antibody based Detection Kits and utilizing these kits are recommend for first time PTM investigators.

Each lot of affinity-bead is quality controlled  to provide high batch to batch consistency, see COA documents.

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