SUMO-2/3-HRP Antibody Mouse Monoclonal (Clone 12F3)

SUMO-2/3-HRP Antibody Mouse Monoclonal (Clone 12F3)

Mouse / IgG2a-kappa


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Anti-SUMO2/3-HRP antibody is a SUMO-2/3 mouse monoclonal antibody conjugated with HRP that is part of the Signal-Seeker™ product line. Anti-SUMO-2/3 mouse monoclonal antibody was raised against full-length recombinant SUMO-2 protein (Uniprot: P61956) combined with a proprietary mix of peptides that include CQIRFRFDGQPINE. The antibody has been shown to recognize a wide range of SUMO-2/3-targeted proteins in HeLa cell lysate (Fig. 1B) and to detect sub-nanogram amounts of recombinant SUMO-2 (Fig. 1A). Epitope mapping has identified that the antibody recognizes a sequence/structure within the peptide CQIRFRFDGQPINE. The peptide sequence is conserved in mammals, birds, and amphibians, giving the antibody broad species reactivity. ASM23 is purified by Protein G affinity chromatography and is supplied as a lyophilized white powder. ASM23-HRP has high potency relative to unconjugated ASM23 combined with a standard mouse HRP secondary.

Each Lot of antibody is quality controlled to provide a high batch to batch consistency. The Lot specific µg per tube can be found in the Lot specific COA documents.

Validated Applications

Figure 1: Western Blot using SUMO-2/3-HRP Antibody

 ASM23-HRP was used for immuno-blotting (1:2000 dilution). Figure 1A: Titrations of recombinant SUMO-2 (40-0.6 ng) and SUMO-1 (800 ng). SUMO-2 was detected down to 0.6 ng while SUMO-1 was not detected at 800 ng. Figure 1B: Shows induction of Sumoylation by heat shock and reduction of Sumoylation by SUMO2 shRNA knockdown. Cell lysates were prepared from HeLa cells: Lane 2: Heat Shock treated (43°C for 10min), Lane 3: untreated, Lane 4: shRNA SUMO-2 knock down. 5µg of HeLa cell lysates were used for each sample. Lane 1: position of molecular weight markers.

Western blot using SUMO-2/3 Antibody


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    Kim, Catherine et al.SUMOylation of mitofusins: A potential mechanism for perinuclear mitochondrial congression in cells treated with mitochondrial stressorsBiochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular Basis of Disease2021ISSN 1879-260X
    Zhou, Liwen et al.SUMOylation stabilizes hSSB1 and enhances the recruitment of NBS1 to DNA damage sitesSignal Transduction and Targeted Therapy2020ISSN 2059-3635

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