Ubiquitination Affinity Beads

Ubiquitination Affinity Beads (40 assays)

As part of the Signal-Seeker™ product line, Ubiquitin affinity beads have been optimized in order to detect endogenous levels of mono- and poly-ubiqutinated proteins, which often represent <1% of the target protein. UBA01-Beads can enrich all ubiquitinated species with a high affinity, including mono-, multi- and polyubiquitin chains (see Application 1 below). The affinity moeities have been cross-linked to beads for low leaching and cleaner detection of the protein of interest. A comprehensive Signal-Seeker™ Ubiquitination Detection Kit is also available (BK161) and is recommended for first time users.

Validation Data: Ubiquitination Affinity Beads White Paper

Each lot of affinity-bead is quality controlled  to provide high batch to batch consistency, see COA documents.


For more information contact:  signalseeker@cytoskeleton.com

Associated Products:

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Signal-Seeker™ SUMOylation 2/3 Detection Kit (Cat. # BK162)

Signal-Seeker™ Phosphotyrosine Detection Kit (Cat. # BK160)

Signal-Seeker™: BlastR™ Rapid Lysate Prep Kit (Cat. # BLR01)

Signal-Seeker™: PTMtrue™ Ubiquitin Antibody (Cat.# AUB01)


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