Videos of SPY-FastAct in action

Live cell F-actin imaging 2.0 with SPY650-FastAct™

SPY650-FastAct™ is a new and unique fluorescent live cell actin probe developed by Spirochrome. It labels very dynamic actin filaments. SPY650-FastAct™ is a bright, fluorogenic, non toxic, cell permeable and highly specific live cell probe for fluorescence imaging of actin. It does not require any transfection and works just by adding the probe to the cells and perform imaging a couple of hours later. 

Check out these vidoes of SPY-FastAct™ Probes in Action!

SPY650 FastAct PK mito Red HUVEC RCM2

SPY650 FastAct SPY555 tub HUVEC RCM2

SPY650 FastAct SPY555 tubulin HUVEC RCM2 split channels

SPY555 tub SPY650 FastAct

SPY650 FasAct HUVEC RCM2 2

SPY555 FastAct huvecs

Cos7 SPY555 FastAct Leterrier 01

Cos7 SPY555 FastAct Leterrier 02

SPY555-FastAct Neuron axon rings Leterrier


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