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The Cytoskeleton Motor Werks™ (CMW) product line is exclusively manufactured and sold by Cytoskeleton. These products facilitate the progress of research and drug discovery in the motor protein area . We focus on producing highly pure and biologically active kinesin and myosin family proteins of eukaryotic and fungal origin. These reagents are intended for anti-mitotic drug discovery and mechanistic studies of motor activity. 

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Microtubules and Motor-Driven Cargo Delivery

Microtubules, composed of alpha- and beta-tubulin heterodimers, are one of the most recognizable filamentous structural proteins in the dynamic cytoskeleton network.  Its function in mitosis and cell division is integral to growth and viability, but its essential role in intracellular organization during interphase is just as important.  One core function is its role in cargo transport where microtubule networks have been compared to highways and byways utilized by motor proteins to transport cargo such as vesicles, organelles, protein complexes and many other cell components (1).  So what’s new in the world of microtube/motor-driven cargo transport and what’s regulating it?  Exciting new research is adding to our understanding of the dynamic microtubule/motor cargo system and its effect on disease.

Kinesin Motor Proteins and Neurodegeneration

Kinesin motor proteins regulate mitosis and anterograde cargo transport as exemplified by fast axonal transport (FAT) in neurons. Neurons depend on kinesins for cell cycle regulation, especially the assembly and function of the mitotic spindle, a macromolecular structure composed primarily of microtubules (MTs) that undergo cycles of polymerization and depolymerization to properly segregate duplicate chromosomes into separate daughter cells.

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