A highlight of Cytoskeleton's Activation Assays and their utility in several studies

Small G-proteins act as molecular switches in a diverse multitude of cellular processes. Distinct from their larger heterotrimeric G protein cousins, small G proteins are monomeric, but share the highly conserved GTPase domain. GTPases cycle between the inactive GDP-bound state and the GTP-bound active state; the latter of which induces a conformational change¹. Several small G proteins belonging to the Ras superfamily were characterized as tumor oncoproteins and have received impressive scrutiny by the scientific community due to their cell signaling roles in overrepresented human diseases such as inflammation, neurodegenerations, inflammatory syndrome, and cancer²-⁴. This newsletter aims to highlight recent Ras superfamily and Rho subfamily discoveries facilitated by Cytoskeleton’s activation assays, which enable investigators to specifically detect the GTP-bound active state of small G proteins.

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