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Effective treatments for central nervous system (CNS) injuries, diseases, and disorders remain a serious challenge for preclinical research scientists and clinicians This newsletter discusses some compounds that are in clinical trials or proteins/pathways that warrant consideration as therapeutic targets.

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Cardiovascular disease accounts for roughly one in every three deaths in the USA with heart disease accounting for the majority of these cases1.  The pathology of heart disease often involves the death or dysfunction of cardiomyocytes, specialized heart cells that produce the contractile, beating function of the heart.  Many different proteins and cell machinery, such as ion channels and pumps, cytoskeletal proteins, and receptors play a significant role in regulating the contractile ability of cardiomyocytes.  Interestingly, many of these proteins are regulated through post-translational modifications (PTMs), in part because PTMs allow for rapid, but subtle changes to a protein as part of an overall cellular response2.
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